How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

preschooler2When you decide to enroll your little one in day care or preschool, you may have a number of concerns. Your primary concern is wanting this time to be a wonderful experience for your child. When you emphasize preschool’s most positive aspects, even the most nervous and shy toddlers can be excited to start school. Here are some tips on getting your youngster to look forward to school:

Talk About Friends

Whether your child has siblings or there are other children in the neighborhood, preschool is a great opportunity to make friends. This is something he can look forward to, whether he is shy or a social butterfly. To make your child more at ease with this idea, talk to him about the boys and girls he will meet – noting that there will be children who are much like himself, and others who are different. You can help him become excited about meeting and interacting with other children, and forming close relationships.

Discuss Preschool Activities

Every child care setting or preschool program offers many opportunities for children to participate in activities. For example, this Estero FL child care center offers an “Exploratorium” that encourages children’s creativity and exploration. After you have discovered the specific types of activities offered by your school, let him know about all the different opportunities he will have for fun during the day.

For toddlers, activities mean having a good time. He will look forward to preschool when he knows that crafts, art, story time, play time, and more will be involved.

Toddlers Love to Learn

Preschool is a learning experience. Depending on the child’s age and development level, there is much to learn. Some examples may include learning to read, write, identify colors, or memorizing the words to songs.

Preschool is the beginning of your little one’s education. He will be excited at the thought of learning, and every day can mean new accomplishments. Learning can provide him with a sense of pride and increase his self-esteem. Your child will be proud of himself every time he learns something new.

Preschool Means Growing Up

Every child likes to feel like a grownup. When you emphasize the importance of preschool, he will see it as the first step in growing up. He will start looking forward to this experience when he sees himself as a student instead of a little child.

Include Him in the Preparations

As a parent, there is much you need to do to prepare for child care. The more you can involve your youngster in these plans and preparations, the happier he will be about the entire experience.

One tip is to bring him along with you when you purchase supplies for school. Some examples include new school clothes, a backpack, and a lunchbox. Involve him in the process, and allow him to make some choices. He will love choosing his favorite colors and designs.

A second tip is to make the child care setting familiar before his first day at school. Instead of simply dropping him off or taking him to the bus on the first day, help him get adjusted to the environment in advance. Your child will benefit from meeting his teacher, touring the classroom, and seeing other parts of the school. He will get to know when and where he will be eating lunch, where the restroom is located, and the equipment he will find on the playground. By familiarizing your child with his school ahead of time, he won’t feel as nervous about leaving home on the first day.

Don’t forget – you should be showing excitement as well. Even if you may be feeling worried or anxious about your child starting school, all he should see that you are glad and excited for his first day. When you prepare your child (and yourself), this new experience will be wonderful for the entire family.